Welcome Message from Chair

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are honored to welcome you to the “Joint Congress of the International Commission on Occupational Health – Work Organization and Psychosocial Factors (ICOH-WOPS) & Asia Pacific Academy of Psychosocial Factors at Work (APA-PFAW) 2023” going to be held on 19-22 September 2023 at Hitotsubashi Hall, National Center of Sciences Building, Tokyo, Japan. This joint conference will provide a unique and unprecedented opportunity to bring together researchers, practitioners and government representatives across the globe who focus their interest and attention on work organization and psychosocial factors at work, enabling a global platform for interdisciplinary and intercultural discussion.

We set the congress theme as “Imagine! Decent Work Beyond COVID-19” because the global pandemic has intellectually stimulated us to rethink, rebuild and rebound against the current situation and gave us a good chance to imagine and create new paths for decent work, inclusive growth and sustainable development. We are looking forward to work on this matter together at the conference!

It is also a great pleasure to tell you that we are completely returning to an in-person meeting format. There, you can enjoy meeting with your friends and colleagues whom you haven’t met for a while. However, we are aware that the pandemic may come back against us again. If such situation should arise, we will be ready to set forth for completely virtual format. We will update you once we decided to move to this format as soon as possible.

The joint conference welcomes proposal for papers and poster as well as for special sessions at the conference. Please take a look at our website for detailed guidelines and procedures.

Besides the conference, you will enjoy the city of Tokyo, which is one of the most advanced and at the same time most historical cities in Asia. The month of September is the most pleasant time to visit Japan as well. I am sure you will fully enjoy Japanese culture.

Don’t miss Joint Congress of ICOH-WOPS & APA-PFAW 2023. You won’t get a second chance to attend this very first event post-COVID!!!

With our warmest regards,
Akinori Nakata and Akihito Shimazu
Co-chairs of Joint Congress of ICOH-WOPS & APA-PFAW 2023

Michael Ertel and Mohd Awang B Idris
Scientific Program Chairs

Keiko Sakakibara

Akihito Shimazu, PhD

Akinori Nakata, PhD

Michael Ertel, Dipl.-Soz.

Mohd Awang B Idris, PhD

Keiko Sakakibara, PhD, MPH