Workshop on participatory workplace environment improvement programs for work-related stress reduction.

Introduction of the workshop

In occupational health services, an increasing emphasis is placed on proactive risk assessment and control adjusted to local situations. Participatory workplace environment improvement programs have been used for applying multifaceted measures such as improvement of work procedures and attainment of decent psychosocial environment at work. The aim of this workshop based on the participatory approach is to experience and learn from the “leaning by doing” process including the use of action tools adjusted to practical work-related stress reduction programs. The participants will conduct a checklist exercise and group work on practical actions for improving mental health at work. We expect this workshop for sharing our experiences can help promote global application of effective action tools for facilitating proactive risk management.

Introduction of the planners

Toru YOSHIKAWA, M.D. Ph.D. is Acting Director of the Research Center of Overwork-Related Disorders, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan.
Dr. Toru Yoshikawa graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan in 1996, and became Senior Occupational Health Physician certified by the Japan Society for Occupational Health in 2005. He joined an international collaborative research project at the International Health Care Workers Safety Center, University of Virginia in 2002 and studied at the Center in 2004 under Prof. Janine Jagger. His major areas of interest are practical improvements of workplace environment in terms of occupational safety and health.
Etsuko YOSHIKAWA, Ph.D., R.N., P.H.N is Associate Professor of the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing. Dr. Etsuko Yoshikawa graduated from the Tokai University Junior College of Nursing and Medical technology in 1994. She completed a doctor’s course of the Graduate School of Nursing Science, St. Luke’s International University in 2015. She became Senior Occupational Health Nurse certified by the Japan Society for Occupational Health in 2016. Her major areas of interests are research and practices for participatory workplace environment improvement programs. She has worked in technical cooperation projects for Asian countries, contributing to developing training packages applying participatory approaches for work improvements in small enterprises and in health care settings.
Kazutaka KOGI, M.D. Ph.D. is Research Adviser, Ohara Memorial Institute for Science of Labour. Dr. Kazutaka Kogi worked at the ILO during 1983-1993 initially as Regional Adviser for Asia and the Pacific based in Bangkok and as Chief of the Occupational Safety and Health Branch and Director of the Working Conditions and Environment Department in Geneva. He then served as Director of the Institute for Science of Labour. He was ICOH President during 2009-2015. His major areas of interest are workload assessment and participatory improvement of workplace conditions. Joining technical cooperation projects for developing countries, he developed training packages for work improvements in small enterprises.